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Food For Thought


Here are a couple quotes that stood out for me in those articles I mentioned…quotes that made me stop, reread and…think:

The values and concepts embraced by Romance cross over gender or cultural barriers. They include: the transcendence of conflict through unity; the strengths of honor, courage, and determination; the value of justice and mercy; the soul union of female and male, and above all the immeasurable value of Love.

A clear distinction between power and empowerment is made by the archetypal heroines of romance. While power in its most masculine and aggressive context seeks betterment over others, the feminine principle of empowerment is about equality of value, a balance of power. Perhaps this is why the myths of romance speak so strongly to generations of women who have lived the battle for equality.

Do those quotes make you stop and think? Any others that have that you can share with us?

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