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>It’s a mess…officially

>This is what my plot looks like right about now. Two cores with shaggy connections, starts with no stops, leads with no direction, knots, displacement, dead ends…

Boy, oh boy, have I made a mess out of this ms. The most obvious reason is because of a complicated plot. Another would be that I’m attempting a storytelling format I haven’t tried before, screwing with the linear timeline format I typically use. Oh, and then there’s real life constantly breaking my train of thought–DH, kids, bills, rejections, and that four letter word that starts with a W and ends with a K.

So, I suppose it’s time to step back and maybe create a **dreaded** outline so I can keep track of what’s happening where and what I want to happen as I move forward. I hate to take time out to do that, especially since the writing has already been so sluggish, but if I don’t, I may never get past this point.

Frustrating. (See post: Frustration Abounds for more frustrating circumstances)