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It’s Taking Shape…And I’m Nervous

> No, not a wip. A group. A writing group. My very own. In person. Live.

I’ve been wanting to join one, but all the RWA chapters are two+ hours away. Add to that a meeting of only 2 hours long or ones that start at 8am or ones that charge $30 per meeting, and you can count me out.

I get lonely for other writers. I’m busy all day with kids, patients, friends. I’m rarely at a loss for company. But I do crave the companionship of fellow writers.

I love these words of wisdom from Judy Reeves:

Within our writing community we connect with others of our own tribe, which opens us and ignites our spirit.

In writing groups, we are with kindred spirits speaking a common language with a shared passion.

It just doesn’t get any more “on target” than that.

Do you belong to a writer’s group? Tell me about it, all of what you love, all of what you hate and everything in between — I’m taking notes for mine. If you don’t belong to one, describe your vision of the perfect group.

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