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>Monday Mosaic

>Wish I’d gotten to posting in between Monday’s this week, but, alas…too much to do. Maybe more fun stuff this week.

Until then, here is the Monday Mosaic (soooo many great articles, had to trim!):

15 Lessons From The Masters, posted by K.M. Weiland on Word Play via @elizabethcraig, @inkyelbows

Save Your Novel From Cliche, excerpt from Peter Selgin on Writer’s Digest via @pwheeler_agent

Synopsis Tips For Writers, by Jacqueline Burns at Publish a Bestseller via @bubblecow

7 Writing Distractions I’m Kissing Goodbye, by Suzannah Freeman on Write It Sideways

Taking Editing On The Chin, by Annie at Write Anything

Microtension, by Justine Lee Musk at Tribal Writer

How To Write With Confidence, by Steve Errey on Copyblogger

All About Sequels, by Nathan Bransford

How To Flip Your Self-Doubts As a Writer, by Suzannah Freeman on Write It Sideways

6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast, by Ann Aguirre on Writer Unboxed

The Lost Practice of Resting One Day Each Week, by Joshua Becker at Zen Habits

Working With Your Agent or Editor, by Kristan Higgins on Romance University

5 Ways To Use Minor Characters To Add Depth To Your Protagonist, by Justine Lee Musk on Tribal Writer