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Lucky 7 – I’ve been tagged….

Lucky 7 – I’ve been tagged….

This is a super fun little tag going around with authors. One author tags another and each shares a snipit of their upcoming release or WIP. Only…it has to be page 77, line 7 and the next 7 lines.

Thanks Bronwen Evans, Kensington Brava sister for tagging me!! See her lucky 7 from WICKED WAGERS at her blog!

Here’s my lucky 7 meme from my May release of INTIMATE ENEMIES, a romantic suspense set in Baja Mexico.

“Cassie—“ His plea tore at her heart.

“No.” Her voice came out colder than she’d intended. “I get it. Believe me, I get it. I’ve spent a decade getting it, Rio. You’re just like everyone else in this town.”

She walked past him, dodging his grasp when he reached for her. He caught up with her quick enough and Cassie pulled on that film of armor she felt as if she wore all the time. In the E.D. In her personal life. She wore the damn barrier just to walk from a store to her car. For once—once—she thought she’d found a place she could let it down.


I now tag a few of my fellow Rock*It Reads authors, Elisabeth Naughton, Monica Burns and Vanessa Kelly…  Share with us ladies…


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