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Selling Agents/Buying Editors

>Thought I’d share some information on who’s selling and who’s buying this week in Women’s Literature/Romance.

But…in an effort to offer unique information I’m going one step further and checking track records…

AUTHOR: DiAnn Mills
ABOUT: women CIA operatives in various parts of the world
AGENT: Janet Kobobel Grant at Books & Such Literary Agency
EDITOR: Karen Watson at Tyndale

Additional info: Kobobel Grant’s October sales: 2 Women’s/Romance titles and 1 non-fiction humor. She recently replied to my query stating she wasn’t taking on any clients at this time.

AUTHOR: Michelle Willingham
ABOUT: an Irish medieval romance between a man who has sold himself into slavery and the woman who is to marry his master
AGENT: Carolyn Grayson at Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
EDITOR: Joanne Carr at Harlequin Mills & Boon

Additional info: This is the only Women’s/Romance Carolyn Grayson has reportedly sold this month, although it’s her fourth sold this year. The agency website states none of the agents are currently accepting unsolicited queries.

AUTHOR: Leigh Greenwood
ABOUT: western historical romance
AGENT: Natasha Kern
EDITOR: Alicia Condon at Leisure Books

Additional info: Natasha Kern is on the top tier of my agents to query list, and for good reason. This is the 8th Women’s/Romance book she’s sold this month. Yes, you read that right — 8th in 1 month! As far as I know, she is accepting queries. She hasn’t yet responded to mine.

AUTHOR: Janet Woods
ABOUT: a Scottish lass scorns a suitable marriage and finds love on the streets of Edinburgh
AGENT: Bob Tanner at International Scripts
EDITOR: Amanda Stewart at Severn House

Additional info: International Scripts is a UK-based literary firm. This is the second Women’s/Romance he’s sold in three years–his first by the same author in 2004.

AUTHOR: Melanie Jeschke
ABOUT: abandoned as a baby and raised in numerous foster homes, 18 year old Jullian is delighted with her new position as a nanny at a large estate, but she is less certain about her feelings toward the child’s father
AGENT: Joyce Hart at Hartline Literary Agency
EDITOR: Lonnie Hull DuPont at Revell,

Additional info: Joyce has sold 2 Women’s/Romance this month; 4 this year. Hartline is taking queries…I haven’t sent one in yet because they’ve got a marketing plan requirement that might take me as long to work up as an entire novel.

AUTHOR: Leslie Kelly
ABOUT: a series about a new FBI Cyber Action Team tracking serial killers through the Internet, including a vicious murderer attempting to weed out the gene pool by luring victims with the latest email hoaxes
AGENT: Pamela Harty at The Knight Agency
EDITOR: Laura Cifelli at NAL

Additional info: Holy cow — now that’s a fresh idea! The Knight Agency is accepting queries. I recently had a request from a different agent at their house. I’m not sure how you query a specific agent or if you even can. Maybe they rotate query day like Realtors rotate floor days. 🙂

AUTHOR: Maya Banks
ABOUT: Nothing listed
AGENT:Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency
EDITOR:Cindy Hwang at Berkley Heat

Additional info: Ah, Roberta Brown…3 Women’s/Romance sales this month, but 25 so far this year! Her website states she is not accepting queries. Darn!

AUTHOR: Eileen Rendahl
ABOUT: about a traumatized girl who may or may not have killed her parents
AGENT: Pam Ahearn
EDITOR: Micki Nuding at Pocket

Additional info: This is Pam’s first Women’s/Romance sale this month. She’s sold 6 so far this year.

AUTHOR: Syrie James
TITLE: new novel
ABOUT: Charlotte Bronte, en route to becoming a famous author, reveals the truth behind her turbulent relationship with the man she finally came to love and marry
AGENT: Tamar Ellman Rydzinski Laura Dail Literary Agency
EDITOR: Lucia Macro at Avon

Additional info: This is Tamar’s first Women’s/Romance sale this month and this year.

Well, folks, that’s about it for this week in Women’s Literature/Romance sales. Tune in again next week as we peek into the lives of those fortunate author’s who’ve SOLD!

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