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>The End…Sadness or Celebration?

>This is an excerpt from an article off of Absolute Write, a writing ezine.

“Typing ‘The End'”
By Aaron Paul Lazar

There is a time in every author’s life when he or she experiences a sudden pang of loss, and sweet sorrow descends like soggy tissues on a broken heart. Man or woman, romance or action writer, sensitive poet or straight-shootin’ scene churner, it hits us one and all. It’s the moment we reach at the end of our long suffering days, those focused, driven, passionate hours, plastered with outpourings of words that evolved into our current work in process. The moment we type “The End.”

It happens to all of us. Sometimes there’s a delayed reaction and suddenly it sneaks up to slay us the next day. Macho man or lyrical lady, none are immune. In my case, I don’t actually burst into tears. But my throat tightens, a lump forms, and I fight back moisture that puddles and threatens to overflow.

My God. It’s over. What will I write tomorrow?

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How about the same damn thing, all over again? It’s called REVISION. And I work on revisions until I’m about ready to kill off my hero and heroine, turn all the good guys bad and form a victor of my villain.

I have never had the feeling this writer talks about. Maybe I’m not emotionally invested enough in my story. Maybe I’m past emotional investment–like a marraige ending in divorce.

Have you ever felt this loss at The End?