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>Ringing In the New Year: GIVE-A-WAY

>2010 has been a particularly great year for my family and myself. 

  • My husand and I celebrated our 20th anniversary
  • My oldest went off to college
  • I officially signed with my agent, Paige Wheeler
  • I officially signed a two book deal with Kensington
  • I turned in both said books on time to my editior, Alicia Condon
  • My father recovered well from an illness
  • I recovered well from an illness

We are indeed, very lucky.

And whenever I feel an abundance of good fortune, I have a tendancy to start giving things away.

There are 21 weekdays in January.  I decided that would be the perfect number of gifts.

During the year of 2010, I’ve connected with many wonderful writers, some published, some pre-published.  All have been incredibly supportive and have deeply enriched my writing life.  I’d like to say thank you to them by sharing their work with others.

This January, I will give away 21 of those published authors books, starting Monday, January 3rd and continuing through Monday, January 31st, Monday-Friday.

The authors I’ve chosen have paperback books available (because not everyone is on the ereader wagon yet — including me, unfortunately) and all are available through Amazon (because to do this I have to be able to drop ship, otherwise I’d be overwhelmed).

I will be offering the newest available releases from the following authors (in alphabetical order):

I will pick a new winner everyday.

Here’s to a fresh new start in 2011!