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>New Addition To The Family


No, not a baby (bite your tongue!) — at least not a human baby. And nothing as ordinary as a dog or a cat or even a hampster.

We have a new lamb.

Never would I have believed I’d have spent an entire Saturday at a sheep auction, or found myself at the local feed store buying lamb food — and not just any lamb grain, show lamb grain. And alfapha hay and a halter and muck boots and buckets and…

My oldest is doing FFA this year. I’m a child of the suburbs. The closest I got to farm animals were English riding lessons at a high-end ranch near our home.

I have quite a few reservations about this whole deal. And they only got worse when we got the little guy back to the school farm and he was the only one there. He cries like a new puppy. He also instantly bonded with my daughter. Within an hour, every time she left his pen, he starting crying.

Lambs are pretty darn cute. Why not a pig? I seriously doubt I’d have reservations about selling a pig at the county fair this summer.

Ugh. This will be an experience for all of us.