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>…er, I mean productive! My morning has been productive!

(This positive thinking thing is tough to get the hang of.)

I’ve spent a good part of the morning chatting with Bonnie Hearn Hill, a multi-pubbed author and writing teacher. She’s going to be blogging on RWKF in November and is also presenting a workshop on first chapters to my RWA group in May. She’s quite insightful about the writing process, the publishing industry and people in general, and I enjoyed the conversation.

Then I emailed back and forth with our potential guest bloggers for RWKF. November marks the start of some fresh voices with guests every Tuesday and Author exceprts (think, free online reads) every Thursday.

Fun stuff. Bit time consuming, but isn’t everything now-a-days?

On the writing front, I’ve crawled over a bit of a bump in my WIP and actually got underway again. 180 pages now. First draft.

If anyone out there is interested in guest blogging on RWKF or posting an excerpt of their published upcoming release, please email me at ultraswan AT hotmail DOT com. We’ll see about putting you in our que.