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The Trouble with Magic GIVEAWAY!!

Sourcebooks has a special line call Casablanca Classics dedicated to bringing back those amazing books that have gone out of print.  Patricia Rice’s THE TROUBLE WITH MAGIC is one of those classics, the second book of Ms. Rice’s Magic series set in Georgian England. The Magic series is the story of the Malcolm sisters, all of whom have magic, and the non-magic Ives brothers.

Sourcebooks has generously offered this book for GIVEAWAY!  I’ll run this over the weekend–many ways to enter below!

Felicity Malcolm Childe’s gift for experiencing visions through touch has always been more curse than blessing. She sees horrifying images each time she brushes her hand against another person, and she is forced to cover herself from toe to finger to deflect the vicious onslaught. Only the maddeningly handsome Ewen Ives harbors no guilty secrets to cause her pain.

 He is betrothed to another, and he is at odds with the Malcolm family- but he is Felicity’s only hope. Will they find the spell to remove her gift? Or will Ewen forget their mission once he sees Felicity without her unsightly head to toe garments?

“Rice’s enchanting book is truly spellbinding.” —Booklist

“Patricia Rice’s historicals are deliciously fresh, sexy fun. Never has the battle of the sexes been more charming!” —Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author

“The third magic tale is a charming Ives-Malcolm romance that fans of the series will appreciate.” —Harriet Clausner on Amazon



Kent, England, 1743

“The book, Mama, may I have it, please?” Six-year-old Lady Felicity Malcolm Childe stared longingly at the hand-painted folio of children’s Bible verses lying open for patrons of the stationery shop to admire. It rested on a counter just out of reach of Lady Felicity’s sticky fingers, but she reached for it anyway.

“Remember what I told you, dear.” Hermione, Marchioness of Hampton, hurried to her daughter’s side. Her hat ribbons blew in the breeze from the open door, and she caught the end of her scarf before it fluttered loose. “Do not touch until you’ve tested it.”

“Yes, Mama.” With her chubby bare fingers, Lady Felicity brushed the air above an open page depicting an angel with long golden hair hanging in silken ringlets that looked remarkably like hers. “Oh, it’s filled with love, Mama. May I hold it, please?”

“Wouldn’t the little girl prefer a candy instead?” The proprietor leaned over his counter with a tempting stick of horehound.

Before Hermione could intervene, Felicity accepted the offering with delight. “Thank you—” As her fingers wrapped around the treat she gasped, and with a flutter of dark gold eyelashes, collapsed in a puddle of silken skirts and petticoats upon the rough wooden floor.

Casting the startled proprietor an appalled glance, Hermione swept her daughter up in her arms and marched out of the shop, panniers swaying with indignation. Waving off footmen and nursemaids who rushed to her aid, she climbed into the waiting carriage, still cradling her frail daughter in her arms.

Within the private confines of the familiar coach, Felicity stirred and woke. With a sob, she clutched her mother and buried her face in the marchioness’s ample bosom.

“Now, now, child, it’s all right. You simply must learn to test before touching, as I’ve taught you.”

“He’s a nasty man,” Felicity hiccuped. “He does nasty things to little girls and they cry. I don’t want to go there anymore.”

Her usually tender mouth firming into a tight line, the marchioness nodded her beribboned head vigorously. “I shall certainly see to that, dear. I will talk to your father, and Mr. Jones shall leave the village at once. You see, your gift is very useful. It will keep him from hurting any other little girls.”

“I don’t want to see bad things anymore,” Felicity whispered. “I hate my gift. It hurts. Why can’t I have another gift?”

Hermione sighed and rocked her daughter in her arms. “You are only given what you are capable of handling, my dear. I know you don’t understand that yet, but your gift is precious and valuable. When you grow into it, you will learn to use it wisely.”

“Christina’s gift doesn’t hurt,” Felicity muttered with a rebellious pout. “She sees pretty things. Why can’t I feel pretty things?”

“You felt love in the book,” Hermione reminded her. “It’s just that sometimes bad things feel stronger than gentle ones. It doesn’t hurt when your family touches you, does it? Or Nanny?”

“Nanny has sad touches,” Felicity murmured sleepily as her mother continued rocking her. “I don’t want to touch any more bad things.”

“Your family will always take care of you, dear. You’ll be safe and happy around familiar vibrations until you’re all grown up and know how to use your gift. Learning comes from experience, but we’ll give you good ones.”

“Can I stay in Papa’s library? It’s nice there.”

Hermione laughed. “No, you cannot live in a library, dear, although your papa would let you try if you wanted.”

“I want to. I don’t want to see any more bad things.” Setting her quivering lip in a firm manner reminiscent of her mother’s, Felicity closed her eyes and slept.


With five million books in print and New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists under her belt, Patricia Rice’s emotionally-charged contemporary and historical romances have won RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice and Career Achievement Awards and have been honored as Romance Writers of America RITA finalists in the historical, Regency and contemporary categories. A former CPA, Patricia Rice is a native of Kentucky and New York, a past resident of North Carolina, and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information on Patricia’s current releases, please visit www.patriciarice.com.

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