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Big Finalists

>I’m extremely thrilled for my writing buddies who finalled in the Romance Writers of America contests for 2010.

Elisabeth Naughton: RITA: Stolen Fury, Best First Book and Stolen Fury, Romantic Suspense.
Kendra Elliot: GH: Stronger Than Bone, Romantic Suspense.

My critique partner, Elisabeth Naughton, is the perfect picture of a rising star. She sold her first romantic suspense trilogy, then the first two of a paranormal romantic suspense series, followed by another three in that series. And recently she was contacted by an editor to participate in a romantic suspense trilogy. Yep, you heard that right. *They* contacted *her* and asked her to write for them.

I’m often surprised by the fact that others believe that successful authors are born, not made. But I can tell you from watching Elisabeth ascend along the literary ladder, that she as definitely earned her successes. And this is why I think she will continue to earn them:

  1. She a talented writer, not by chance, but by hard work, study, revision and reading others’ work.
  2. She is professional. When her editor gives her a deadline, she meets it. When her agent/editor suggests changes, she evaluates and often makes them.
  3. She is gracious and generous with other writers. (And I’m a big believer in karma.)

Kendra is also admirable, as she has hit some rough patches with her writing, as we all inevitably do. The difference with Kendra is that she continued to submit. And in this case, she hit bank!

It’s going to be soooooo damn FUN being at the conference with them this year, grinning as they are treated like princesses.

Congrats, girls! You’ve earned your successes!!

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