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>Lazy Saturday

>I haven’t had one in…I seriously don’t know when (and I’m truly not just saying that).

  • The friend I spend most of my time with went away fro the weekend with her family.
  • DD #2 has a by on her basketball schedule.
  • DD #1 (aka the social butterfly) is off at a friend’s house for the night.
  • I sent off two bracelets that had been on order.
  • I paid the bills.
  • DH is home — getting used to his new schedule, but that’s a whole different post — and he cleaned the house (well, the major stuff).

O.M.G. I’m not pressed for anything! What am I going to do with myself?

Write…right? That’s really the only right answer. And, yes. I should. So, why is it that when you actually have time and space and silence to write, you don’t want to?

I did write for three hours this morning. I’ve gone to the grocery store, surfed the internet, went to a movie, now I’m blogging. Um…I’m running out of ideas and it’s only 5pm. I should excercise or just relax. I could oranize or do laundry or finish my friend’s scarf. But I don’t wanna do any of that.

I’m much more productive when I’m busy. Giving me downtime is giving me a license to do nothing-just till and toil until the time is gone and I’m mad at myself for wasting it. (I think there’s some psychological problem in there somewhere.)

Anyway, in my surfing, I found a great blog by agent Susannah Taylor over at Magical Musings. Definitely worth reading.

Also, a week or so ago, there was a hilarious blog on Paperback Writer that I’ve been meaning to link to. Again — worth the read.

When you find yourself with these unexpected down-time blurps, what do you do with yourself? Better yet, what do you avoid doing?