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In Celebration of Writers: Giveaway!

>IMPO, writers don’t progress or grow without other writers.

After seven years in the writing community, I’ve met more people than I can possibly remember. Whether or not I can recall names or faces, there is no doubt that each of those individuals has touched my writing life—most in positive ways, a few in negative ways, but both beneficial in some way, because here I am. Finally, published (or I guess I should say, purchased and on the publishing schedule).

In honor of my seven years of writing and the larger ideal of writers and readers supporting each other in an effort to reach the collective pinnacle of success we all seek: an awesome read, I am sponsoring a giveaway!

The prizes: 7 giftcards for $25 each.

  • 2 to Barnes and Noble
  • 2 to Starbucks
  • 2 to Amazon
  • 1 to iTunes

As soon as I reach 250 followers on Twitter, I will be choosing randomly from those followers. That will give you Twitter-resistants (that means you Christy and Kristina) a nudge to get yourselves a Twitter account if you want a chance at a few free bucks! (Not to mention chat with all us cool twitter-loving-folks.)

To every blogger, writer, twitterer, reviewer or critiquer who has touched me, pushed me, encouraged me, changed me or most of all challenged me over the years, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I hope I have or can return the favor.

My Twitter ID is @ultraswan. FOLLOW ME TO WIN!!

Little details:

  • Earliest date gift cards will be mailed will be 6/28 as I will be on vacation until that date.
  • Winner will be notified by direct mail via Twitter, may choose from available gift cards at the time they contact me.
  • Must provide mailing address for delivery.

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