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>Internet Resources For Writers

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Internet Resources For Writers
By Erin O’Riordan

When I first began writing professionally in 2006, one of the first things I did was pick through my copy of Writer’s Market for every resource I could find. Writer’s Market, published once a year, has a list of helpful websites and other resources a writer might be interested in. I looked at many of the websites listed there, hoping to find that magical website that would make me a wealthy and creatively satisfied author. Almost four years later, I still haven’t found the “magical” website. I have, however, created this list of resources I regularly turn to and have found helpful.

1. Writing For DOLLARS! (http://www.writingfordollars.com/)
Edited by Dan Case, Writing For DOLLARS is a free, online newletter updated once a week (usually on Tuesdays). Each newsletter contains an editor’s letter from Case, one or more featured articles about the craft and business of writing, and a list of guidelines for high-, medium-, and low-paying markets seeking submissions. The Writing For DOLLARS website also maintains a database of literally hundreds of paying markets for short stories and nonfiction articles. Readers can sign up for the e-mail version of the newsletter to have a weekly update mailed to their inboxes.

2. Ezine Articles (http://www.ezinearticles.com/)
If you don’t mind sharing your work for no dollars, a creative way to get some more exposure for your previously published articles is Ezine Articles. This website allows members (membership is free) to submit personal experience and opinion articles to the website. Articles are subject to rather strict editorial guidelines and must be approved before they will be posted, but if you happen to have work sitting around that meets the guidelines, you may want to check this one out.

3. Anthology Builder (http://www.anthologybuilder.com/welcome.php)
This is another place to re-use your previously published work, focusing on short fiction and essays in the horror, fantasy and science fiction genres. Anthology Builder users can browse the site’s selection of stories and cherry-pick custom anthologies using only the authors and stories they choose. Unlike Ezine Articles, Anthology Builder pays when a member uses one of your essays or short stories.

4. Writer Gazette (http://www.writergazette.com/)
Edited and maintained by Krista Barrett, Writer Gazette is packed with useful information. Users can sign up for e-mailed newsletter, which contain a database of book reviewers, calls for submissions, open job postings for writers, a brag board, and more.

5. Reporter’s Source (http://www.reporterssource.com/)
The purpose of Reporter’s Source is to connect journalists working on stories to sources who can give them information. You can either use it to find a source for a story you’re working on or to help a fellow writer with his or her own story. You can have a daily e-mail digest sent to you to get the newest leads.

6. Erotica Readers & Writers Association (http://www.erotica-readers.com/)
This website isn’t for anyone under the age of 18, and it certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you happen to be a writer whose subjects include the sensual pleasures of life, this website contains a wealth of tips and links, as well as an excellent, frequently updated “Calls For Submissions” page.

7. Beyond Her Book Blog (http://www.publishersweekly.com/blog/880000288/post/700046070.html)
Written out of sheer love for books by Publisher’s Weekly editor Barbara Vey, the Beyond Her Book blog features new books all the time. There are trailers, interviews, give-aways, and tons of book reviews.

Erin O’Riordan lives in the Midwestern United States with her husband, her co-author on a series of crime thrillers. She also writes the Pagan Spirits romance novel series. Her short stories, essays, and film reviews have been published in numerous anthologies, magazines and websites. A trap designed to catch her should contain dark chocolate, espresso drinks and Christian Bale movies.

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