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Writing…solitary? Seriously?

>If you’re a writer, and you think it’s a solitary profession, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s not the profession….

I am the first one to agree–wholeheartedly–that no one understands a writer like another writer. And in a circle of friends and family with mainstream careers and past times, say, teachers, rocket scientists, brain surgeons, plumbers and the like, you may feel isolated and misunderstood. But if you’re reading this article, you have the ability to never feel solitary again.

Not only are the infinite possibilities of the World Wide Web at your fingertips–an endless array of email, video and text messaging, chat rooms, message boards and social networking sites and services to build a 24/7/365 support network–but you have the ability to utilize that entity to then cultivate relationships that can then transition into the real world. The web is also a fantastic resource for locating groups close to you, allowing you to connect with them, one on one.

I met my critique partner, Elisabeth Naughton, through another writer on a Yahoo board many of you may be familiar with: RWC list. We’ve been CPs and friends now for 5 years. We talk nearly every day and would be lost without each other, personally and professionally.

Twitter and Facebook have introduced me to a fabulous host of amazingly talented, funny, generous writers who I then connected with them in person at the RWA conference in Orlando last July–editors, agents, NYT Bestsellers, newbies, first-time sellers. I can’t even describe how rich my life has become because of these fabulous people.

Through RWA online, I’ve joined several chapters where I have invaluable resources at my fingertips, not to mention warm hearts, ready support and lots of laughs.

As a writer, I have more contact that I can keep up with. As a writer, I am more connected–and in a more authentic, deeper and more meaningful way, than in any other career I’ve ever had…and let me tell you, I’ve had my share.

And I haven’t even mentioned all those people in my head!! Oh, and have I mentioned, I’m a total introvert? No excuses left! Get out there!

Solitary profession? I think not. How about you?

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