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Powerful Search Tool for Writers


A searchable information base better than Google?

For writers looking for writing-related information and articles–yes.  And it’s called the WRITER’S KNOWLEDGE BASE.

If you’re a writer and you don’t know Elizabeth Craig already, you’re in for a treat.  Elizabeth is an author of fun cozy mysteries, full of entertaining characters and intriguing twists and turns.  She is also a culler of over 1500 writers’ blogs where she gathers information from the best articles on the web written by authors of every genre covering every aspect of writing, from first paragraphs to promotion.  After filtering the thousands of articles, she chooses the very best and posts them as links on Twitter @elizabethscraig, ultimately creating a well of quality information available to other writers–or anyone interested in writing.

Awesome resource, right?  Wait.  It gets better.

Enter Mike Flemming, software developer with 20+ years of experience.  Mike has taken all the valuable  and relevant articles Elizabeth has plucked from thousands of blogs and websites and designed a searchable database.  That means a ton of saved time for authors.  Now when you want to search for articles related to, say, character development or social media, you receive writer-specific, quality articles in return with Google-like speed.  And unlike Google, all of the results are relevant to you as a writer.

And it’s just beginning.  Mike and Elizabeth continue to improve WKB with advancing technology and input from users.

So give it a try, let Mike and Elizabeth know what you think, and tell all your authorly friends!


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