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The Subconscious In Writing

When speaking of the conscious and unconscious mind, experts refer to the Iceberg Principal, comparing the conscious mind as the 10% above water and the subconscious mind as the 90% below water.

The power of the mind to change our perception of ourselves has always fascinated me.  Since I’ve been writing seriously, about a decade now, I’ve become even more interested in the subconscious mind and all the ouija board-like promises of creativity, focus, productivity, self-esteem and happiness if we could just control our subconscious.

Here are a few facts.  The subconscious mind:

  • Does not judge what you tell it, only takes all information as fact.
  • Can not tell the difference between true and false.
  • Works 24hours a day.
  • Takes everything literally.
  • Never says no.
  • Only recognizes the present.
  • Can be seen as the source of night dreams and automatic thoughts.
  • Is a repository for every thought, every visual, every emotion, every incident that has ever occurred in your lifetime.

Over the last ten years I’ve tried many techniques.  Unfortunately, my biggest problems weren’t with the techniques or the information, but with consistency and patience.  What do you mean I have to do it everyday?  What do you mean I have to do it for months to see the result?  Therefore, I didn’t get the results I sought and picked up the beliefs of so many others–it’s hype to sell books, fill seminar seats, in essence, pad pockets.

But aging has it’s benefits.  As does experience.  In the last year or two I’ve become more patient, more open-minded and more determined (could be translated into desperate, depending on the day) to crack that shell keeping my subconscious out of reach.

And as I’ve studied the conscious and unconscious mind through the eyes of knowledgeable professionals and tried various techniques created by experienced and renowned researchers, I’ve seen the benefits and know there are so many more to be cultivated with time, effort, knowledge and experience.  

What I’ve learned has been worth the wait and there is so much more to discover.  During the month of February, we’ll explore the potential benefits and powers of the subconscious mind including topics such as self-talk, affirmations, positivity and some even “further out” (or what my critique partner calls “woo-woo”) techniques, such as meditation, hypnotherapy and even tarot.

These topics will directly relate to writing, such as how they’ve helped me and/or how they could be used in other ways, but each technique could be applied to benefit any aspect of our lives.

I hope you’ll come back and join me on this path to understanding and utilizing the power of the subconscious mind to urge us toward achieving our ultimate best and welcome your comments and experience regarding the subconscious and how it has affected your personal and professional growth.