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>Huh? What?


I think I sometimes think too deeply. Then again, maybe I’m just way off base and nobody has the heart to say so.

I posted what I thought was a rather insightful post on character over at RWKF today, but nobody has made any comments all day.

When I tackle a complicated issue like that, I often struggle to smooth out my thought process. There are so many tangents I could go off on to try and explain what I’m thinking. I often have to think and rethink, write and rewrite and article on a topic such as that one to get my point across. Alas, I also think I miss the wagon most of the time.

Guess it’s a good thing I write fiction, huh? No instructional manuals or writing wisdom for me. But that’s okay. My brain was wired for fiction, always wanding around other make-believe people’s lives and dreaming up their stories.

Do you have trouble expressing ideas about complicated subjects or does your mind work in that linear fashion? Do you write better fiction or non-fiction?