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>Frustration Abounds

>I went through my regular routine of writing this morning with the solid intent of making headway in the troublesome manuscript. Did more browsing than writing. And the browsing I did didn’t encourge any significant writing. Frustrating.

I hit the road to take some photos. Figured that would distract me. The light was too strong and the photos were difficult. Frustrating.

When I came home and looked at my photos, maybe three out of a hundred had potential. Frustrating.

I went about scheduling my next procrastination technique–a quilting class I’ve been wanting to take. Starts tonight. I’m on call at the hospital. So, if I take the class, I risk getting called out in the middle of it. Frustrating.

And, just to top things off, I paid the bills. Always frustrating.

Just that type of day.

On the plus side, I’ve been productive.