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Stars Aligned

>I’ve found that when I am particularly “in tune” with my work, the universe cooperates accordingly.

I’ve been working on a plot for my light paranormal romantic suspsense (how’s that for genre blending?). I plot it out on paper, I muse over it for hours in the car, I brainstorm with my CP. I meditate, I dream, I struggle for days…weeks even.

Then one day the following happens–all in the same day. In fact, all in the same morning while I was at work:

  • Two nurses in the NICU were discussing their true life experiences with twin telepathy.
    (I eavesdropped as I scanned another baby.)
  • A patient and her companion were discussing NASA and alien spacecraft
    (I eavesdropped as I waited for my doctor to read my scan.)
  • I went onto CNN and found this article: The future of brain-controlled devices
    (So totally excited about this info — using it and other ideas combined to develop an awesome plot for the wip-the second book in my Rising Phoenix series/trilogy.)
  • Continuing that theme, another article popped up on CNN: Somali Pirates Hijack Fourth Vessel in a Week
    (Turns out there wasn’t a lot of info in the article, but it still lit off a firestorm of ideas in my head for a second book in another potential series/trilogy.)

There’s no telling when the inspiration will hit, only that if you cultivate the creativity enough, it will.