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That Funky Feeling

>It’s been following me for quite a while, a little like that cartoon raincloud follows a character, threatening to drench them just before splitting them in two with a stroke of lightning.

Occasionally, I out run that cloud, take another step forward in my story. That’s when I think I’m on a roll, that I’ve escaped it for good. Which is exactly when things start to slip again.

It’s okay. I’ve come to accept the lulls in my writing process. I have grown to trust the fact that I’ll come back around to the sunshine in time. What I’m still not so good at is the wait. I feel anxious and preoccupied and moody when I can’t get a story right. I know my rough spot at the moment is partially caused by the new job, partially caused by the many recent rejections from agents and partially because this story is complicated and difficult to write…but that does nothing to quiet those little doubt demons.

And that’s where I’m at now, antsy and unsettled.

What do you do when that happens? How do you quell the little Mexican jumping beans in your belly?