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>Goals, huh?

>My CP has pushed me a little further than I expected.

In a rare spurt of enthusiasm, I asked Elisabeth–always up for a challenge, not to mention that little competitive streak she harbors–if she wanted to set a writing goal.

I said: 1000 words a day.

My rationale was that 1000 words a day for 100 days would produce 100,000 words — almost a complete book for me. (Mine run about 125,000k).

I thought, hey, a complete rough first draft in 3 months? How cool would that be? They usually take me twice as long.

E accepts. Then goes on to one-up me on the deal.

She says: 1000 words a day for **100 days**.


Okay, well, my competitive streak isn’t anywhere near as wide as E’s, but I’m in a good place–kids are in school, my work schedule has quieted to a dull roar, my DH isn’t off at any fires.

Sure…why not? Let’s see what happens.

I popped out my first 705 words this morning at breakfast in about 1/2 an hour. Will finish up those lingering 295 later this afternoon or this evening while my kids are doing homework.

What about you? Wanna join us? Natasha? Edie? Linda? Elisa? Mary? Anyone? We can report in to each other via our blogs. It’s like excercise–funner (my daughter insists that’s not a word) when you’re doing it together!