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What a Morning

>Got home late last night from work. The drive was longer than usual because of the rain and I had the dd with me, so we made more stops.

I didn’t sleep well because I have a sore throat, an impending cold I’ve been trying to stave off with echinacea and zicam. Evidently, that’s not working.

I woke to the doorbell, which interrupted an incredibly violent dream, and faced a delivery man. New refrigerator was there at 8:15 in the morning and I hadn’t yet emptied the old one or cleaned the kitchen or cleared a path down the hall.

Because I woke in the middle of my dream, it remains more vivid to me even two hours later. I was being chased up the stairwell of an abandoned building by…I don’t know what they were…droids of some kind. When I reached the top floor, I was trapped. Out the openings where windows had once been I witnessed a horribly violent gang rape/murder. It was really horrifying. I saw no one’s face, but saw the violence. If I’d been watching a movie, I’d have walked out. If I’d been watching tv, I’d have turned it off. But in dreams you’re stuck until your subconscious lets you loose. Or the doorbell rings.

I tipped my fridge guys $20. More for unwittingly pulling me out of the dream than doing the job they’d already been paid to do which took them about 20 minutes.

I’ve been thinking about the dream, about the symbolism, what it all might mean. Since I’ve been reading a book which advocates amplifying your dreams for use in your writing, I’m wondering what this dream might mean for my current book, for the plot. Definitely not the actuality of what the dream contained — I don’t write that level of violence, and never anything even remotely like rape.

I don’t know what to make of it. Any suggestions?

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