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Author Blog Hop with GIVEAWAYS!

I’m super excited to join in on a blog hop with fellow author ! I met Kimberly Swaak at Margie Lawson‘s immersion — the third for both of us!

Kimberly invited me to a blog hop between authors…super fun! And since I always have to give things away, I’VE GOT GIFT CARDS AND BOOKS UP FOR GRABS!! Enter via the rafflecopter below.

So check out the post and the other authors at http://ow.ly/vMZsa and check out the fabulous Lara Chapman and Kennedy Ryan to see what they’re up to as well!

Here’s what I’ve been up to!

What are you currently writing?
I’m working on another super sexy story in the Renegades series I write as Skye Jordan. Book three, Ricochet, is Ryker’s and Rachel’s story — a tortured military hero and the woman betrayed by the family she spent a lifetime pleasing. They are complex, deep, so very real and a heck of a lot of fun! I also just released a romantic suspense novella in the Sinful Seconds Anthology with five other bestselling authors.

What makes your work different?
First, I write for both emotion and escape. My contemporary stories as Skye Jordan will pull at your heart, but they won’t drag you so far down that you’re left feeling strung out. The Renegades books are super steamy, but the sex has meaning, purpose and emotion. And I give readers a glimpse inside the mysterious world of the stuntman—a pretty fascinating world…at least imo. My romantic suspense books as Joan Swan twine various suspense plots with romance, twining them until they become indistinguishable and intense. I use deep third person point of view in all my work so readers can get deep into the characters and live vicariously.

Why do you write what you do?
I love sexy books that turn up the heat, but that heat fizzles fast when the physical is simply…well, physical. When emotion and true story are added, the heat is even deeper and accomplishing that transformation is always very satisfying. Romantic suspense has always been one of my favorite genres to read and write because the suspense adds a whole other level of tension to the novel, which in turn ratchets up the heat between the hero and heroine’s romance, so there is always something exciting happening. I’ve always been fascinated in that elusive element that makes one person perfect for one other person, and explore that in every book.

What is your writing process?
I write almost everyday—about 28 out of 30 days in a month. Even when I’m struggling or feeling stuck, I write in a journal, make notes on a character or plot, something. I typically write mid-morning to mid afternoon and again at night. But I’m excited to say that I just secured an office space out of the house, away from two college daughters who are in and out of the house at crazy hours, a retired husband who loves to chat, two boisterous dogs who beg for attention, and a horse who pulls at me to ride. I’m planning on making sure this space changes my routine and adds more hours of writing to each and every day.

I’m tagging three author friends to keep the hop going! Elisabeth Naughton, Violet Duke, and Darcy Burke! Answer these for questions, then tag three author friends to keep the blog moving!!

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