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>Playtime’s over!

>So, I go back to working full time (+) tomorrow. (The + is for call I have to take after hours.)

I have mixed feelings about it, and I’m sure there will be good moments and bad moments, but I’m confident I’ll do fine. It’s not forever, I keep telling myself. I’ve got all my positive messages worked out for those rough times I’ll inevitably encounter.

I’m definitely going to have to shift my writing schedule around a bit, but again, I’ve got a rough idea of how I’ll make it work. I’ll have to see how the day flows before I know if it will pan out or not.

Some of the changes I’m planning:

  • I’ll shift my writing from mornings to nights on most days.
  • I’ll brainstorm at work.
  • I’ll utilize my alphasmart and my flypen for on-the-go story/character development.
  • I’ll set aside specific time on the weekends to write.

How do you handle life shifts when those changes force you to make changes to your writing habits?