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>Monday Mosaic

>Welcome to a new feature of my blog: Monday Mosaic.

Monday’s will be a reflection of the prior week’s best articles I have collected via Tweet posts, Facebook, various blogs and other resources.

I especially liked the way @JaneFriedman had a summary of the week’s best links for writers. This is MY week’s best links for writers. The great thing is that since everyone connects to different people, every one’s links will be fresh!

And because I’ve culled through the articles over the week, I’m only posting the most interesting and the most informational.

What do you think?

Here are a few links from 3/1/09-3/7/09

Common Misconceptions About Publishing: #1
Common Misconceptions About Publishing: #2, How Books Are Made
Common Misconceptions About Publishing: #3, What Authors Sell to Publishers

Never Face Writer’s Block Again (and have fresh ideas every day)
Courtesy of @paige_wheeler

Elements of Awe, by Donald Maass

PDF to WORD: Free application!
Courtesy of @bubblecow

Meditation and Creativity, by Mark McGuinness

What Not To Say In An Author Interview, by Arielle Ford
Courtesy of @inkyelbows and @elizabethcraig

Dialogue: Distinctive Voice – The Three V’s, by Ann Elle Altman
Courtesy of @elizabethcraig

Multiple Book Deal Advances, by Editorial Ass (a.k.a. Moon Rat)
Courtesy of @bubblecow

And finally for this week, a video from Chris Brogan: Publishers and Authors, Some Thoughts

Enjoy! Would love to hear your feedback! 🙂