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Fun Interview Qs with Elisabeth Naughton + Giveaway


We’re celebrating Elisabeth’s release of TEMPTED this week and today is another day of fun interview questions. Since I’m feeling a tad under the weather (a.k.a. I can’t think of any quippy substitutions for her answers in this state) this is going to be a single Elisabeth Q & A today. She’s hilarious enough on her own anyway. 🙂 Don’t forget to comment for a chance at today’s prizes!

Interview, Day 3
Ever Come Close To Death?
Yes. Freaked Joan out so much she almost got on a plane to make sure I was okay.

Are You The Same Person You Were As A Child, Or Much Different?
Unfortunately, I’m a lot older.

Do You Believe In Destiny?
I believe in free will. If you shape your destiny my way I’ll steer you in a different direction.

Ever Broken Any Bones?
Not that I’m aware of. But there’s still time.

Have You Ever Felt Like You Hit Rock Bottom?
No, but again, I’m sure there’s still time.

Do You Dream Often?
All the time. I’m a writer, aren’t I? (See my recurring dream below)

Do You Have A Recurring Dream? What Happens In It?
Paul Walker kidnaps me.

Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?
A pool table.

Do You Eat Meat?
Yes. I’m a carnivore.

Do You Have Any Pet Names? If Yes, Then How Did You Get Them?
Eli – Generally a guy nickname but my dad has called me that since I was little. I also went by Lissie until I was in high school. (Don’t call me that if you see me – I won’t answer to it.)

Have You Thrown Up In A Car?
And in a boat and on a train… Actually, bushes are my receptacles of choice. Usually after a wedding where champagne has been served.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Lying To You?
Only if they have shifty eyes, like my son.

Do You Have Any Phobias Or Fears?
You’ve already covered them: heights, airplanes and hospitals.

Ever Been To A Strip Club?
Which time?

What’s under your bed?
I’m afraid to look. (Add it to my phobias.)

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