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>I’m a very visual person when it comes to writing…see scenes in my head like little movie clips. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, a lot of writers “see” their stories this way.

And this new writing software I’m trying out allows for image and even mp3 uploads. So, I went searching for visuals of my characters.

Now, if my fabulous CP had been online this morning instead of doing the whole Christmas morning mom thing (ours lasted about 30 minutes–the benefit of the kids getting older), she could have probably disuaded me from choosing one of her many heart throbs as the man I modeled my hero after: Paul Walker. But, she wasn’t. And I was alone in my search for a hunky, handsome blonde, blue-eyed, edgy-yet-boyish hero.

I almost had someone else picked out. His eyes were brown, so it wasn’t quite right, but I could use that fabulous imagination of mine and write blue eyes in their place. But, then, I kept looking and — BAM — a photo of Paul Walker came up. Even before I knew it was PW, I said, “Yes. That’s Luke.” I actually thought it might be Beckham, but my daughter assured me it wasn’t. After a little more searching, I discovered, sure enough: Paul Walker.

So….sorry, E, but Paul Walker was so “Luke” I didn’t have any choice in the matter. Don’t worry, when you use him to model one of your heroes (which I know was planned at some point in the future) your depiction and mine won’t even be remotely similar.

Here are a couple of photos that depict my h/h at the beginning of the story, when all hell has broken loose. They are disheveled and distraught. (But, then, is there any other way to start a story?).

Luke Ransom & Keira O’Shay

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