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>Lockdown Part 2

>Carlos pulls a giggling Vanessa over the threshold by the hand and slams it shut behind him. She jumps a little. Her big eyes pop open in surprise and her hand splays over her chest. “Oh, quierda. You scared me.”

Leaning back against the heavily carved front door to his bungalow, Carlos braces Vanessa’s small waist between his hands and tugs her between his thighs. Their hips bump, meet and settle into the fit. He’s already hard beneath his jeans and the friction shoots a sizzle of excitment to his brain, or brains–both big and little. “Sorry. You make me lose my head.”

He chuckles at his own joke, until her warm, soft chest cuddles up to his. Those dark, dark eyes of hers stare up through lashes as thick as bangs and Carlos’ chest squeezes hard. He skims the back of his knuckles over her high cheekbone, memorizing her face, the look of hero worship in her eyes.

Is this how Rio feels when Cassie looks at him?

Maybe The Basement is worth the sacrifices of a hero.

Vanessa stretches up Carlos’ body, and the pressure makes him suck in a breath. Then she takes his lower lip between her teeth, holds it there gently, while intense, seductive eyes lock on his.

The phone at Carlos’ waistband vibrates. Vanessa jumps, leans back and looks down at it.

“Christ,” Carlos mutters. “What now?” Without releasing her, he flips the phone open. “She’d better not have let him out of there already or I might start acting up.”

Where the hell are you? the text reads.

Tension escapes Carlos’ shoulders as he closes the phone and tosses it on a nearby chair, hands firm on Vanessa’s waist again.

Trouble?” she asks.

“No, quierda.” Carlos dips his head to kiss her, long and slow. She tastes like tropical fruit and woman. Sweet and wild. “No trouble.”