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I just have to say…that is the strangest name. Couldn’t we writers come up with something more creative, more interesting…more appealing?

Anyway, I’ve never done NaNoWriMo or BIAW (book in a week) or any other guided writing. In fact, when Elisabeth decided we were doing 1000 words/day for 100 days, I joined in, but then bottomed out after, what E…six days? I guess the good thing is that I made it that long, and I’m still writing, now up to 60k.

But my schedule just won’t allow me to sit down and write 2000+ words a day. I’ve got two jobs, two very busy kids, .33 of a husband…etc., etc.

The big question — excuses or realities? I’m not too proud to admit some could be excuses, but I’m also not naive enough to deny the realities of everyday life, either.

How do writers who are not paid full time writers (that’s rather key here–if I was a full time writer, that’s what I’d do…write), but work another job (or two) with kids at home and no nannies and housekeepers, write 2000 words a day?
I’d love to hear your methods, whether you’re doing NaNoWriMo or not!