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Overload or laziness or …

>Elisabeth posted over at RWKF on overload.

Timely. I’m suffering my own overload. Although, not in writing like she is — just life. Add to that the gorgeous weather we’ve got around here, and I’m coming down with the melt-into-a-chair-and-do-nothing syndrome.

(Of course, it could be the spring fever thing — more light and longer days are kicking my brain chemicals out of whack.)

I’m also suffering from a little cabin fever. Seems that so many families I know have been traveling lately–two went to Hawaii, one is now in Fiji, another going on a Carribean cruise over spring break. Even my husband got to hang in San Diego for a few days searching out hotels for his next convention and now he’s in Washington D.C. I want to go somewhere, too! Waaa!

But those of you who know me, know the lethargy won’t last long. I’m too much type A. Can’t sit still or I go a little nutso.

Can you sit still? I mean, without feeling guilty? Have you been traveling? Planning a trip? Tell me so I can live vicariously…or just dwell in a jealous limbo.

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