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>I Need A Life Makeover


You know those shows that give you a fashion makeover or a home makeover or a landscaping makeover or even a car makeover?
I need them all — I need a life makeover.
I’ll keep my husband (I’ve invested years in training), keep the kids (they’ll be taking care of me in my old age)…but everything else needs a face lift–including me!

Ignore my grumbling…I get like this when I’ve switched to overwhelmed mode.

Let’s see–news:
  • I finalled in the Daphne du Maurier for Single Title Romantic Suspense. Very exciting. I polished my entry and submitted it for final round judging by Kimberly Whalen and Charlotte Herscher. Very, very exciting.
  • I actually started on my revisions to Safe. After brainstorming ideas and discussing them with my agent, then collecting more information to support those changes, I got through chapter one today. Whoo-pee! Only 21 chapters more to go. (Someone shoot me now.)
  • The response to my RWA chapter on the central coast of Ca hasn’t been what I’d hoped. I sent out reminder postcards, and I’ve submitted a blurb to our local writers association to see if I could garner more interest, but it’s not lookin‘ good. The RWA’s truckload of rules, regulations and bylaws make it burdensome to start a chapter…and for a dozen people? I think not. Not sure what’s going to come of that.
  • A portion of our tax return went toward the purchase of new computers for our daughters. Only six months after the purchase of my own new laptop my 11 and 15 yo are getting better, faster computers for less than mine cost. (I was going to hand-me-down mine to one of them and take a new one, but since I don’t need a stellar video card to use Microsoft Word or the Internet I decided it wasn’t worth the grief I’d have to take.)
  • I lost my iPod about a month ago, which has hampered my walking efforts. ( I CAN’T walk without my iPod or my walking buddy). Hence, my weight loss has stagnated. So, I bought myself the combo mother’s day-birthday gift of a new iPod and have spent as much time loading my music onto it as it would have taken me to edit two more chapters of Safe. (Priorities, priorities.)
  • I spent the weekend painting our cabin, getting ready to sell it. Therefore, my house is, once again, neglected and in disarray.

Enough about my exciting (HA!) life…what’s up with you?