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>Better Late Than Never…

> …or so they say.

Look at that — a little over a year since I last posted. Where does the time go?

What in the hell have I been doing? Thanks for asking.

Working. Writing. And everything else that falls in between–eating, sleeping, cleaning, parenting…you know the drill.

Most recently, I’ve been working on revamping the website with updated graphics and fresh content. (Purely a procrastination technique.)

I’m submitting my most recently completed and revised manuscript, FACING THE FIRE, to agents at the moment and really should have a decent, current site up and running in case someone decides to look at it. (Hahahahahah… eh-hem…)

As I was saying… Yeah, the site, and I’m also going to work on a little consistency keeping my blog dialogue going–more for myself than anyone, because I doubt more than two other people read this.

For those two of you — I thank you from the bottom of my heart.