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Talk To Me


Choosing what to blog about it always a little tricky. You want to be relatively free to do your own thing…it is your blog after all, but you’d like it to be entertaining, informative, something others will want to come back again and again to read.

So…if you could design the perfect blog–your favorite, the one you check in with everyday to see what’s new…what would it have?

~~Long, descriptive posts or short blurbs?
~~Posts everyday or every other or once a week or ??
~~Information or fluff?
~~Serious or funny?
~~Professional or personal?
~~Conservative or wacky?

Here’s my take on it…

  • I come to the web primarily for information.
  • I visit blogs for communication and information.
  • I don’t mind long posts if they stay on topic and offer something valuable (information, a different point of view, etc.).
  • I’m fine with short posts if they have substance. If there’s no substance and it’s just a “can’t-chat-now” blog, then I don’t think it’s worth posting.
  • I don’t mind personal talk unless it’s about washing the car or walking the dog — that I don’t want to know about.
  • I like blogs that offer something others don’t, either a unique point of view or information I don’t get elsewhere.
  • Sometimes I choose to read a blog because I like the person who writes it–they’re warm, personable, responsive, and we have things in common.
  • And I like blogs that are updated every day or every other day. Sometimes everyday is a bit too much and I feel like I’m always falling behind. But after a coupld days of nothing new, my return visits to that blog slow.

How about you?

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