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>Twitter & Hashtags

>It took me a while to get the hang of Twitter. I just didn’t get it. I was a Facebook and Yahoo board user; I understood threads. Twitter has no threads. It’s just a running list of comments from the people you follow.

Eventually I caught on and now thrive on it. I am amazed on a daily basis how vast the twitterverse is and just how rich the resources are. I did the trial and error thing–chose people to follow then deleted them because … well, there are a lot of reason I stop following someone on Twitter, but that’s another post. Now, I have a solid core of people I follow and add occasionally. I also delete occasionally.

This blog from Elizabeth Craig got me thinking about the Twitter hashtags. I LOVE these things! I love being able to find particular topics with this, using them to search, to connect with people conversing on the same subject, to participate in chats or other activities I would never have heard about otherwise. I also love #’s because they bring together a variety of users who you would often never have known existed, giving you a stream of untapped potential twitter-buddies.

I loved hashtags so much, I decided to create some of my own. I created #writingrockstar to showcase successes in the world of writers I follow. I created #storyfodder and #storyresearch for those news stories that spark something interesting in my mind, or where the information could be used as background research for a story.

Feel free to jump in and join me on this quest to share information in the twitterverse.

And share your favorite #’s!

BTW, my twitter username is @ultraswan.