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>In real life, I avoid conflict at almost every turn. Arguments or disagreements that become heated make me uncomfortable. I especially dislike confrontations where one person is shown up in front of others and there is no way for them to back down without looking foolish. What can I say? I’m the empathetic sort, and I hate to feel like an idiot…especially in front of other people. So when others are made to feel that way, even if they walked right into it, I feel ashamed for them.

I was watching Beach Patrol on Court TV recently–a show covering a big regatta in Florida where marine police had to confront drunk and belligerent people. Of course, in that situation it’s always in front of a lot of other people.

At one point, the cop was getting pretty pissed off at an idiot boater, and I found myself uncomfortable and eventually turned the channel.

Then it occurred to me…what a great way to observe personalities, the way different people handle conflict, body language, dialogue, procedure. So, I turned it back and watched another few hours of it. A learning experience to be sure.

Where do you find windows into conflict?

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