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Where Do People Find The Time????

>In an effort to get back into the online life, I’ve subscribed to Twitter in addition to creating a writing-related facebook (so I don’t bore or drive my family and friends crazy with lit talk.)

Slowly, I’ve added people to follow: writers, industry pubs, editors, agents. And what I’ve found is that a lot of people write a lot of stuff: tweets, facebooks updates, but mostly, blogs. Lots and lots and lots of blogs on writing related instruction, tips, theory, opinion, news.

What I’d like to know is, where do they find the time? First, if they didn’t write the article themselves, they have to find the articles/blogs, which means they have to peruse their twitter, their blogs, their emails, whatever. Then they have to read the article and decide if they think it’s worthy of sharing. Then they have to get onto the various social media sites and share it. And if they did write it, they’d first have to…well…write it.

I can barely keep up with a regular word count on my WIP, let alone think up coherent things to say on a blog about writing. And, darn it, I feel pressured to be…well…part of the contributing karmatic (just made that up), prolific writers of the universe. (Of course, I do realize that’s just my own warped competitive spirit acting up.)


Alas, that’s not realistic for me. Not at this point in life, anyway. What with the job, the travel, the kids and just life in general, additional words are not part of my reality.

If you know someone as prolific as described above…please, share their secrets.